Monday, October 16, 2006

and then we were driving for our date with the night and i could feel the lights getting brighter and it was like reaching heaven out of the woods and into the world holding hands abandoning cars walking the beach searching hidden places mirrors black shoes briefcases beach towels coffee cigarettes water and lemon chill out and unknown houses and friendly people inside them and wild nights and nothing is going to reach you for there is sand and there are bodies and there are drugs and sex and it's hot and we should get undressed for the clothes do nothing here between us only make things difficult and i don't really know you but i don' care it's ok the same way should you be coming home or shall i stay a little while for iim waiting for someone that has it and if you have it then you'll be the one tonight just don't forget me and i'll give you what we both want i guees this is what you call freedom sorry i fell asleep but i don't sleep more than three hours since the day before yesterday and i know we have to work and i know you have a hangover and yes don't worry i carry condoms just take me home for i need something to wake me up otherwise i won't be able to get laid tonight i must put some lipstick on and get dressed and take a bath remember when you though i was dead in the bathtub i wish you all could see me naked i like the idea my body is exposed but you're not here tonight so i must think of someone else it's you you have it and can give it to memeet me in the bar behind the beach and then i'll get a way to get us a bed or was it the other night i still don't know why i repeat the same stuff to all of you but it's ok and there are sheets that aren't changed and gigs and piano voices and bottles rolling in the floor go go go go you can do it you know you want it why do i have to go away and this season has to end i have turned myself into a new person and they don't love you like i can. come here, sugar.

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Anonymous said...

"Perhaps all pleasure is only relief".

William S. Burroughs

...serĂ¡? :)