Thursday, November 13, 2008

such a good deed by request

One move and I feel alive
The unpredictable tale
They share a body of a six-feet bullet in the way
I'll kiss you down
And I fall and I choose to fall
Living among the dead
And cigarettes
It was you that went away
Nothing is real but you


Bordello said...

e o resto?

Ana_Leorne said...

pois, o resto não sou eu que canto por isso não sei a letra... mas posso indagar:)

Bordello said...

era porreiro se fizesses isso ;)

carlos said...

Aqui está o resto da letra!
kisS Kisss

"i got a seizure in my head
it looks like you
i try, i do, i try
more than anything i keep on running but you know i'll turn
back to all the other songs
wreck another little girl
i may be alive
can you be the one for another
is he so good for you
such apolagee, such a good deed
well i'm sensing that from you"

Ana_Leorne said...

obrigada, coração:)