Tuesday, August 8, 2006

and as i stood there waiting for the train it was hot and there were still fifteen minutes for it to arrive so i went inside and a flash came into my head as i remembered one of the nights i was there at the same station all by my own and it was raining and dark and there was this bench made of wood probably very old probably had been there for more than half a century and it was full of carved drawings and names so the idea of carving our names there came to me and then a lady arrived and she told me that everytime she passed there she used to do it, first with her husband later with her kids and now even with her grandkids so i thought it was good stuff. anyway we grew apart and now i was looking at it and thinking that there are some things that even we can't erase. and i felt comforted. at least.

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Catarina said...

big kiss and hug. ofelia too.