Thursday, June 29, 2006

hello are u there? great because that's exactly with you i need to talk can you say my name? good. and can you say hello and smile and ask me how am i doing and ask me if i want to take a cup of coffee just to chat instead of trying immediatly dragging me into your bed? you can? that's ok then, let's talk. about me, about you, about what's going on and why is it that i can't remember what happened to my head sometimes and why do you understand what i'm saying even if i'm saying the wrong words and these should be misunderstood and by this time i should be losing you for some other girl who doesn't want to chat, just spend a good time and i don't blame her and i don't blame you but whoa what is this? you're really enjoying the conversation and so am i and i nearly forgot you're attractive and i could even kiss you and you're a man but that doesn't matter anymore because i fell in love already with your mind

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