Sunday, June 11, 2006

35 years over Lou Reed's Transformer

Back in 1971, Lou Reed recorded one of his best albums ever, that was to become a mark in rock'n'roll history. With a little help from David Bowie among other friends, Transformer contains the best singles Reed has ever written and the best line up ever made in an album. Opening with the amazing "Vicious", this song is only a hors d'oeuvre comparing to the songs following. Andy's Chest leads us back to the Velvet Underground season, while Perfect Day marks the first meditation point at side A. It is followed by Hangin' Round, before entering the apotheosys that closes side A - Walk On The Wild Side. Side B opens with a fresh, glammy and outageous hymn to dragging, Make Up, going afterwards to a spaceship-coloured song, one of the most beautiful love sons ever written: Sattelite Of Love. Wagon Wheel enters the rock'n'roll again, soon to be contradicted by the game Lou Reed and Bowie play at New York Telephone Conversation - one of the strangest tracks of the album. I'm So Free gives Transformer the mental health needed to close side B in the best way possible; Goodnight Ladies brings back Velvet and asks for Berlin.
Do yourself a favour and buy the original, preferently in vinyl...

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